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Turn to Us for Unique and Custom Tattoos

Come to Body FX Tattoo Studio for your next tattoo or piercing. Choose from thousands of designs or we can create you a custom, one-of-a-kind piece. You won’t be charged extra for custom work.

Body Piercer - Elena Carmela

Get Your Piercing Done by Our Professionals

No matter what type of piercing you’re planning to get, come to the professionals at Body FX Tattoo Studio. Choose from a full range of body piercing options.

You can also get dermal implants as well as exotic piercings. Your piercing will be done in your own private room.

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For piercings and dermal implants, visit us today at 6244 Washington Blvd.

We have been serving Maryland since 1996.

Single-Use Piercing Equipment and Accessories

All of our needles are single-use and autoclave-sterilized. Any jewelry used during your piercing is also single-use. Expect our staff to happily assist you in choosing the right style and metal for you. Choose from a wide selection of body jewelry.

We’ll gladly help you change your jewelry after your piercing has healed.

No Piercings for Minors Without the Consent of a Parent

We Provide Piercing Care Instructions

The care of your new piercing will depend on the location and type of piercing you receive. Our piercing expert will provide you with the detailed instructions you need for proper care and healing of your piercing.

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